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"A stunning, fully formed lawn can be installed in hours."

Photograph of family on a Regal lawn Why wait 1-2 years for a new lawn that struggles to maturity from seed when you can have excellent results overnight? Convenience, efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of our Regal turf.

A stunning, fully formed lawn can be installed in hours at a surprisingly low cost.

Inherent quality and durability

Medium fine in texture, Regal is a purpose grown turf using top rated STRI cultivars and is ideal for domestic lawns. It contains a mixture of rye grass, fescues and smooth stalked meadow grass, providing a lawn that is hard wearing and resistant to many diseases.

An asset for your property

Using Sovereign Regal Turf provides the finishing touch to your property and instantly creates a handsome garden as well as a robust, safe playing surface for children. It also immediately increases the market value of your property.

Sovereign Turf versus seed

Sovereign Turf offers a number of advantages over a lawn grown from seed:

  • An instant solution. Seed takes years to achieve similar results.
  • No danger of erosion or damage from wind and rain.
  • Can be laid any time of the year.

Environmental benefits

  • Releases oxygen and cools/cleans the air by reflecting the sun's heat and absorbing noise/C02. A 280m2 lawn absorbs enough C02 from the atmosphere and releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.
  • Helps purify and recharge groundwater supplies.
  • Traps and removes dust and dirt from the air.